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Dr. Jeeno Jayan, MBBS.  I am a medical doctor in India

My training as a doctor

I am a medical doctor. I work at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi, India. I graduated from Trivandrum Medical College in India in 2011, and completed two years of residency at Dr Somervell Memorial Medical College in India.

I am currently doing my post-graduate work in orthopedics, which I should finish in 2016. To me, orthopedics is a novel branch of medical science which has a never ending array of possibilities.

My passion for art

Although I am a medical doctor, but art has always been my passion. I have tried my hand at drawing, painting, sketching, charcoal drawings and sculpting. I love molding clay, carving out things, and much more.

Recently I have been amused by the capabilities of digital painting. After all, it is one’s second life apart from their work that makes life fun 

I enjoy every form of art, plus music energizes me. For years I have playing the Tabla, a traditional Indian musical instrument.

My passion for writing

Since childhood, writing has been an obsession with me. I began by writing short stories and poems. A person’s writings are a reflection of the writer. It is a way for me to express the emotions I feel inside.

More than 7 years ago I began my medical writing, working for various online sites as a writer and medical adviser. I enjoy doing research on new topics, whether the theme be medical or non-medical.

It isn't easy to find time to write, especially with the demands placed on me by my medical career. My daily routine begins with making my rounds at ward, visiting with outpatients and performing surgeries. But as I previously mentioned, writing has become an obsession. So in the evenings, or should I say early night, I manage to find time for research and writing.

Dr. Jeeno Jayan

On this website, I have authored numerous articles on constipation.

To see which articles I have written, go to the Sitemap and look for my name.

I am a doctor by profession

An artist by passion

A sculptor by imagination

A writer by obsession

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