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Dr. Julia Lizy, Pakistan

I was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Soon after my birth my parents moved to Birmingham, Great Britain.

I attended King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, and very much enjoyed it. It was during these school years that I became attracted to the field of medicine. 

My medical training

I graduated with an MBBS degree from King Edward Medical University in Lahore, Pakistan. This medical degree is equivalent to a PhD in the USA, and entitles me to practice medicine, surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics. At present I am pursuing further studies in Community Medicine and Infectious Diseases.

Keeping the human machine running

There used to be an old guy, my father’s office mate, who once said, “The most important thing an Engineer does is to switch off all the equipment before even starting to open a machine. In a contrary situation, the most important thing a Doctor has in his mind is to keep each and every bit of the human machine running until it is diagnosed, treated, operated on and cured.”

Humans are important, and each one would like to live a healthy life. I find comfort in helping others attain this reality. The more helpless my patients are, the more satisfaction it gives me to treat them, soothe them and see them restored to health.

Treating patients AND writing

Besides my government hospital job and working at a private medical clinic, I have been active in treating people through free medical campaigns. It gives me a feeling of serenity to help those who cannot help themselves.

Even though it is 2014, our world has areas and regions where medical treatment and proper healthcare are outside the reach of patients. My objective is to do my part in meeting this need.

I have divided my days, weeks and months in such a way that I am able to attend patients as well as write medical and healthcare awareness articles.

  • I work 6 days a week at my government hospital job, plus I help out at 2 private clinics.
  • I usually devote 14-20 hours a week to my medical writing. These article on constipation are part of this work.

Charity work

I am part of a group of medical professionals and healthcare providers. We move far out into the rural areas, into small towns, villages and slums. Our team rotates so that there is always a group on duty. I usually go every 6 weeks for a 7 day trip.

Once a year we have a huge free medical campaign, named NATIONAL OUTREACH PROGRAM. This is a 5 week campaign that goes into underdeveloped areas to meet medical needs, usually covering 8 to 10 communities. We have a vision to make this an International Outreach Program, at which point we will change the name from NOP to IOP.

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