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College Lecturer since 1999, Asst. Professor since 2009
Pharmacist and college professor Anusuya Kashi

Hi. I’m Pharmacist Anusuya Kashi. I live in Bangalore, India. I hold a Master’s degree in Pharmacy that I earned from Goa College of Pharmacy, one of the oldest and best recognized colleges for pharmacy education in all of Asia. I am also registered as a pharmacist with my local state pharmacy council.

Following my education and training, I worked in a pharmaceutical manufacturing company for about a year to get firsthand experience of the manufacture of medicines. However, I gradually felt compelled to pursue my true passion – teaching. For the past 14 years I have been teaching at a college that offers a four-year program in Pharmacy.

The teacher learns more than the student

If you want to learn a subject well, teach it! Over these past 14 years, I have learned a lot about the mysterious ways in which our bodies function and how drugs act to cure disease and restore health.

Subjects that I have taught include:

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biochemistry and Pharmacology

However, for the last few years my teaching has focused more on Pharmacognosy – the study of medicines and drugs derived from natural sources. Along with two of my colleagues, I have authored a textbook on the subject.

I love to teach

As a pharmacist and a teacher, it gives me great joy to share my knowledge of the human body and how drugs work to deal with disease. My daily routine includes conducting classes to educate students on the interaction of drugs with the human body, and to supervise them as they perform laboratory experiments to more deeply understand the theory they've learned.

Writing internet health articles

I love to write, and have been recognized by others for my writing skills. Over the last few years I have become increasingly concerned with how flawed and misleading that information on the internet concerning health and disease can be. This is especially true of natural or herbal remedies. 

In response, it is my great pleasure to use my knowledge of the medical field, combined with targeted research, to write accurate, easy to understand articles about health and disease. I hope that these articles related to constipation will help to answer your questions and give you the information you are looking for.

You can locate articles that I have written by clicking here, then scrolling down and looking for my name beside articles.

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