Constipation in Kids
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Constipation in kids is becoming more and more of a problem. Click here to read my article that covers the following reasons for childhood constipation.

Social factors

Environmental factors

Physical factors

Potty training difficulties

Ok, so we know that our child has a constipation problem. Here are some ideas for resolving the problem.

Avoid processed foods and fast foods

How can processed foods and fast food restaurant meals be so bad for us and yet so delicious and appealing? The answer is, sugar, salt and hydrogenated oils.

Not only are these not good for us, but they also promote constipation.

Choose foods that relieve constipation

Vegetables and fruits are filled with constipation busting fiber. These are especially beneficial when eaten raw.

Though children might resist these at first, after a short while they will get used to them, and before long will actually enjoy them.

I remember in my childhood that I didn't like squash, eggplant and asparagus. However, whenever my mom fixed these, we were required to eat at least a bite.

Today, eggplant and squash are some of my favorite vegetables. I have learned to eat most forms of asparagus (it is, after all, a super food), but still have a gag reflex with creamed asparagus.
Requiring me to eat a bite of things I didn't like didn't hurt me at all, and I am the better for it today.

Drink plenty of water

Children love fruit drinks and soft drinks. However, they are full of constipation promoting sugar.

A love for water is a wonderful gift to give to children. Water is a cleansing agent and hydrates the body. Dehydration is a major cause of constipation.

When a child drinks four to eight glasses a day, it helps them stay hydrated.

Get some exercise

Physical movement helps to strengthen abdominal muscles. These muscles help to move stool through the colon.

Second, physical movement in and of itself helps move things along.

Other Constipation Solutions

If changes in diet and activity fail to relieve occasional constipation, an over the counter laxative may be used for a few days.

Your child should not use a laxative if they are experiencing abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting.

  • A great alternative to laxatives is a valuable trace minerals.

  • It can be taken easily by adding a little to your child’s drinking water or other drinks.

A warm-water or mineral oil enema can relieve constipation in kids who have a 
severe case.

If a child has an impacted bowel, a doctor can insert a gloved finger into the rectum and gently dislodge the hardened feces.

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