Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando

Nuwanthi Fernando medical student in Belarus

Hi. I am Nuwanthi Fernando, a Sri Lankan, but at the moment living in Belarus. I received my MD degree at the Vitebsk State Medical University. I am also a freelance writer.

My medical training

At medical school, I have passed almost all of my clinical subjects with high grades. I have gained a good understanding of the material. In fact, for the last three years, my GPA is one of the highest in my class.

The final year of medical training has been devoted to the improvement of our knowledge and practice. It has been my aim that every day I will improve my abilities as a medical doctor.

Medicine and writing have always been my passion. Since as young as I can remember, all I have wanted to be in life was a doctor. Even though it hasn't been easy, I haven’t complained, since I love everything there is about medicine.

What motivates me

The magnificent thing about being a doctor is the happiness I feel by seeing my patients smile. After all, isn’t life really about thinking of others as much as yourself?

My dream is to become a world class pediatric surgeon. As such, I will be able to help poor children who are sick and don’t have the finances to receive the necessary treatment.

A demanding schedule

The days at the university have been long. 

  • I started my daily cycle in different hospitals, where the teaching and practicing continues for six hours, including a short break.

  • Next I attended lectures, which can be either in the afternoon or evening.

  • Some evenings I took elective classes.

  • When it wasn't too late I visited the library, sometimes reading there, sometimes taking library books home to read in my spare time.

  • There are times where I read books while cooking or chatting with my parents.

  • At night I worked to make a little spending money. I wrote articles, small ebooks, and even novels, plus I draw illustrations and edit book covers. This website includes a couple of my articles.

Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando as author

Since I have been a child I have enjoyed writing, though I have never published a book. I wrote my first short story when I was thirteen years old.

Now with my medical training I write medical articles and books. It is an opportunity to share what I have learned with the people around the world, while it helps me to improve my knowledge and creativity.

I believe the pen can communicate better than the tongue.

My two websites

I am the proprietor and editor of MedsAid health and medical website.

The MedsAid group was formed by four medical students, including myself, who were students at the same university. Our goal is to give the world a better understanding about health and medicine.

I hope my articles on constipation will provide the information to help you improve your life. I believe that living a healthy life is more important than anything else. Here’s to your health!

Articles by Dr. Nuwanthi

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