Home Remedy for
Dog Constipation

Looking for a home remedy for dog constipation?

You may be if your dog isn't having one or two well formed bowel movements a day.

Most dogs experience constipation at some point in their lives.

In many cases, it will last for only a day or two.

However, when their feces become impacted, they can become listless, lose their appetite, or vomit. This may be true for puppies as well.

Determining what caused the constipation can help guide us in finding a home remedy.


Eating indigestible objects

When a dog swallows bones, grass, paper or other indigestible substances, it can cause temporary constipation.

They may pass small amounts of blood-tinged or watery brown fecal matter that resembles diarrhea, but what they have swallowed is backing up their stool.  


When this happens, sometimes just a little bit of time will take care of the problem.  If it doesn't, a laxative, enema, or magnesium treatment may be necessary to get things moving.


Diet low in fiber

Your dog is what it eats, and a diet low in fiber can lead to chronic constipation.

Constipation can cause pain in the abdomen and even lameness in the hind quarters.

You may notice blood or puss in your dog's urine, a fever, and a frequent urge to defecate.


For a chronic problem due to a lack of fiber in the diet the home remedy for dog constipation is simple.

Increase the amount of fiber your dog consumes. Examples include bran, bran biscuits, or grated vegetables in your dog’s diet.


Matted hair around the rectum

It is actually possible for long-haired dogs to have trouble defecating because their rectum is blocked by matted hair.

If this is the case, the solution is simple.  Cut away the matted hair.

To keep the problem from re-occurring, you will need to keep the hair trimmed around their rectum.  

A colon problem or perineal hernia

Here the home remedy for dog constipation might be quite simple.

There is a magnesium supplement taken by humans that brings more water into and softens the stool. This is a good idea for most folks, because magnesium is helpful in other ways, too.

Just adding a little of this to your dog's drinking water each day could make it a breeze for them to pass their stool.

Hernia problems created by straining during defecation might just disappear with this simple solution.  When stools are softer and easier to pass, some colon problems may disappear on their own as well.



Older male dogs

For male dogs over 7 years of age, constipation can be caused by a prostate related problem. However, this only applies to unneutered dogs.

The problem may be an enlarged prostate.

Or, if your pet has a bacterial infection, cyst, or tumor in the prostate, the prostate may become inflamed.

When the prostate becomes enlarged it can press against the nearby rectum, which can make defecation uncomfortable and difficult.

This, in turn, forces your dog to strain in order to eliminate, which can cause a hernia.


Short-term solutions

A prostate disorder may require some help from your vet.  In the mean time, try to make your dog's defecation as painless as possible.

First, a home remedy for dog constipation is to feed him a special easy to digest diet of 3 parts cooked rice, 1 part low fat cottage cheese, and a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Second, giving your dog a supplement high in magnesium can introduce more water in to the stool, soften the stool, and make defecation a breeze.


A long-term solution

Giving your male dog estrogen treatments can shrink an enlarged prostate until such time as you can have your dog neutered.

Once he is neutered the prostate should shrink by itself.

Of course, having your dog neutered early on can help him avoid prostate problems altogether.



As a dog grows older, it can have Magnesium works the same way for people!

More opportunities to defecate

It is a good idea as well to let your dog outside more often, so it has more chances to go.

Your vet may give your dog an enema, but don't try to do that on your own.

Common phosphate (Fleet) enemas may be toxic for a small dog’s kidneys.

Here's to more happy dogs!

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