Acne Constipation

How to Eliminate it

There is a definite acne constipation link. Not only can constipation cause acne, but acne can contribute to constipation.

How does acne contribute to constipation? Acne can make us feel stressed out, and stress is one of the things that can lead to constipation.

Constipation may be responsible for acne

Clinical studies have demonstrated that acne can be caused by constipation . There are at least 3 things that constipation and acne have in common.

  1. When toxins accumulate in the blood it can cause an outbreak of acne. Our body the body uses to release toxins is through the pores of the skin.

  2. A person can become stressed out by constipation, and stress can trigger acne.

  3. A less than desirable diet can cause both constipation and acne. 

When you have acne, your body is trying to tell you something's wrong.

Constipation and our health

Having regular bowel movements is vital not only to your intestinal health, but to our overall health. This includes the health of our skin.

There is no rule for the frequency of bowel movements, but the general range is from three times a day to three times a week.

Less than three movements a week  may indicate  that one is constipated. Another sign is that stools are hard, dried out, and difficult to pass

Unfortunately, constipation can cause  numerous health problems .

Acne and constipation

Understanding Acne Constipation

Acne is a very common skin problem. It is regarded as the eruption of pimples or zits on the skin.

Common areas of the face that are mostly affected by acne are the forehead, cheeks, and nose. The neck, chest, back and arms can be affected as well.

An outbreak of acne usually lasts a couple of days.  However, just as with chronic constipation, a person can have chronic acne, too.

Acne and toxins in the blood

Acne is a symptom of the buildup and release of toxins in the bloodstream through the pores. Acne is the sign of impurities in the blood.

When the blood is impure, the sebaceous glands are shifted into overdrive to eliminate these wastes. Approximately one-third of all impurities in the body are eliminated through skin pores.

Sometimes there is an overabundance of toxins for the body to eliminate, such as when:

  • The body may constantly be exposed to toxic substances

  • One has acne constipation, with putrid stool sitting in the colon, and toxins that should have been eliminated are absorbed back into the blood

When one has an overload of toxins in the blood, these toxins can easily clog our pores, causing acne.

Stress and constipation

Constipation can lead to stress and vice versa. As mentioned above, stress can cause acne.

Stress management is an effective lifestyle remedy for all individuals suffering from constipation acne.

Here are other stress management techniques that can work to provide a lifestyle remedy to chronic constipation symptoms.  

1.  Eliminating constipation

2.  Exercising

3.  Meditating

4.  Taking up a relaxing hobby

5.  Wise time management 

Acne is a symptom, not a disease

Acne is an indication, that something is wrong in the body.

Acne is a symptom, not a disease in itself. Acne indicates there is an underlying problem, an indication that the body has a toxin problem.

Many times acne is caused by constipation.

Dealing with constipation to eliminate acne

It is so gross to think that the clogged pores in my face could be some type of fecal residue that escaped from my colon.

When I think along those lines my face cleaning regimen goes to another level. But, I can’t just focus on my constipated pores, my colon is equally important as well - dealing with acne constipation.

A daily dose of a mineral supplement  high in magnesium  really helps to keep things cleaned out. It is gentle enough for day use.

Tens of thousands of people in the USA take it daily for the valuable trace minerals it contains.

It also contains 106% of the US RDA of magnesium , which has many health benefits as well.

Get rid of constipation, and acne might just clear up as well.  

By Alana Sibley

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