Constipation and Headaches
There is a Connection

Constipation and headaches. Ouch! Double whammy coming through! As if constipation isn't enough fun to endure just by itself, having headaches coming along at the same time is just a barrel full of fun.

Are headaches and constipation are related?” Yes. Constipation can cause headaches. I rather doubted this myself, until I did a little research on the wonderful world of the web.

Apparently, there are actually a percentage of people, though not a long percentage, that struggle against this cruel and frustrating combination.

How constipation causes headaches

According to several accounts from sufferers of the constipation and headache combo, many claimed not even their doctors were familiar with any direct connection of these two bothersome ailments.

Well, not to fear!  Doctors aren't the only way to find the truth.

Saying this, let’s be our own detectives and take a look at our body's natural clues during constipation that might point towards the symptoms of headaches, including migraines.

Constipation affects the whole body

Okay, for starters, when one becomes constipated, that person’s body enters immediately into a new level of physical and even mental stress.

  • Stress. Headaches can be caused by…stress.  Hmmm…let’s keep going.

  • Toxins. When one becomes constipated for several days on end, that person’s body is no longer effectively able to dispose of built up toxins inside the colon. Finally, with no other option in sight, the body begins to absorb those toxins back into the blood stream.

Those toxins, through the passing of several days, will ultimately affect each and every cell of the body, evoking varying physical symptoms along the way. This sounds like a great recipe for constipation and headaches to me, but wait, there’s still more.

The two big brains

Consider our brain, that gray matter that helps us to behave like humans instead of vegetables. Well, get ready, because it’s apparently not the only brain we have. We have a second “brain” down in our guts.

It's formally known as the Enteric Nervous System and scientists actually identify it as being our “second brain”.

Through a system of one hundred million nerve cells, the gut keeps the big brain well informed of all of the goings on down below the belt line.

The body/mind connection

There is definite connection between constipation and getting a headache, as we consider the following:

  1. Mental nervousness can register as a funny feeling in the stomach

  2. Constipation can cause mental anxiety

  3. Constipation can be “the straw that breaks the camel’s back”, triggering a headache

Has anyone seen my serotonin?

  • Serotonin is the “happy juice” of the neuron world

  • 95% of the body's Serotonin is in the digestive system, and the gut produces Serotonin

  • Changes in serotonin levels not only influence our mood; they also directly affect stool production

  • The bowel both helps determine serotonin levels, and is influenced by serotonin levels

This explains why constipation and headaches can travel together. How amazing is this body we live in?

Serotonin loves a clean gut

If you are suffering from a low level of serotonin, clearing up your constipation is one of the most powerful things you can do to feel great again.

  • Try to drink water throughout the day.

  • Eat a diet rich in fiber

  • Exercise

  • Avoid starches

  • Avoid sugary and processed foods

The beauty of sea minerals

Finally, I take a daily dose of concentrated sea minerals to help keep constipation from ever approaching. I just pour a teaspoon into a liter of water and mix in some pink lemonade powder. I sip this throughout the day.

It took care of my chronic constipation, in spite of occasional rotten eating.

Trust me, I've tested the limits, and this magnesium rich liquid keeps my stool moist and soft and my bowel movements regular. Plus magnesium has numerous other health benefits.

Kissing Constipation Headaches Goodbye

What a powerful thing it is to know the gut so greatly influences the rest of the body. When we deal with constipation, headaches can just disappear on their own.

As you go your way into the headache and constipation free zone, I hope you discover new levels of hope, happiness and strength along the way in this grand thing we call life.

Thank you for stopping by. It’s a joy to bring you fresh wisdom, clarity and hope for your colon’s health.

By Stephanie

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