Constipation and Nausea

Constipation and nausea. Feeling a little nauseated, but can’t quite figure out why? It could be constipation's fault.

Constipation. It’s a sneaky little bugger; and it’s the most clever of all when we're not paying attention to how often we poop. We cruise along, quite content for days on end to eat our fill of wondrous delights, almost oblivious to the fact that nothing is coming out the other end.

But of course, what goes in must come out. Finally after several days our body begins to object loudly in numerous ways. One of these ways is nausea.

A blessing and a curse

You may not see it this way, but when that nasty, full, bloated, sick feeling has finally begun to hit us after days of eating and no relieving, our body is trying to communicate with us.

It’s as though it is crying out, “Hello! The trash dump is full! We've got toxin overload down here! Either get rid of some out your back end or we’ll have to send it back out your mouth!”

Behind the scenes of constipation and nausea

Okay, so we know constipation can cause nausea. But WHY?

When a person goes too many days without having a bowel movement, the poop gradually stacks up inside the colon. This causes the whole GI tract to slow down, which can produce nausea.

Why? Because the body goes into panic mode over all that rancid, decaying trash in the colon. Finding nowhere to dump the toxins, many are reabsorbed back into the blood stream.

This overload of nasty toxins can produce not only nausea, but vomiting, headaches, and a multitude of other unpleasant symptoms.

There is a second possible reason for the nausea.

Nausea and constipation may both be produced
by a third condition, like dehydration, or even
worse, a life threatening bowel obstruction. This
is where something totally blocks the colon
so that you can’t even pass gas.

If this happens, please seek medical attention immediately.

Kicking constipation and nausea out the door

Most of the time, get rid of constipation and nausea will leave with it. After all, they do love each other’s company. Please click here to read my article with insights on how to quickly defeat constipation.

Prevent constipation and nausea in the first

Ask anyone and they will agree. It is far better to prevent physical annoyances before they ever start instead of dealing with their obnoxious effects.

  • Start with a daily dose of concentrated sea minerals, and watch constipation and nausea go.
    Why does this work so well? Glad you asked! The sea minerals have a goodly amount of magnesium, which draws water into the colon. This, in turn, keeps the stool moist, lubricated, and moving towards the exit sign. Magnesium has other benefits, too.
  • I have also found it helpful to eat bits of fiber throughout the day. This could be a handful of grapes, a serving of beans or a piece of whole wheat toast. Eat your fiber, then wash it down with the powerful punch of H2O.

  • Last of all, avoid too much of those delicious sugary delights, dairy, red meat and processed foods. They all tend towards constipation.

  • A little of these food groups is okay, but eat too much and constipation may view you as its new long-term roommate.

Feeling good with regularity

Upon following the above advice, don’t be too surprised when your body enters a new place of peace and tranquility.

Along with this may come:

Increased energy

A lighter mood

A clearer mind

Yes, keeping constipation away allows the body to rid itself successfully of daily toxins. This may result in clearer skin, stronger nails, and other pleasantries too many to mention. Did I mention a greater sense of overall happiness? 

Just picture Jerry McGuire’s face on your colon, crying out “Help me, help you!” Help your colon and it will return the favor 100 fold.

Thanks for stopping by. It has been a pleasure. And as always, thanks for reading!

By Stephanie

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