Does Constipation Cause
Stomach Pain

Can constipation cause stomach pain? Yes. In fact, stomach pain is the most common complaint of constipation.

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Constipation causes blockages that can aggravate the movement of the smooth muscle along the digestive tract.

When this happens, the normally gentle wave-like contractions (peristalsis) can go into spasms, resulting in stomach pain.

Second, just the stretching of the colon by excessive waste can be painful.

Is it pain caused by constipation?

There are numerous organs between the chest and groin that can cause pain.

Therefore, when you have stomach pain, try and locate where the pain coming from. However, constipation is the leading cause of stomach pain. How does constipation cause stomach pain?

Constipation Produces the Following Symptoms,
Which Can Cause Stomach Pain


This cause of stomach pain that is annoying and irritating. These aren't usually too much trouble unless:

  • A fever is present
  • Cramping lasts more than 24 hours

Stomach cramps usually come from constipation, gas, indigestion, and bloating.


This results from backed up stool in the colon.

This backed up stool causes problems with the whole gastrointestinal tract. The regular function of moving food into the digestion processes is slowed down, which can result in nausea.

The following can also cause nausea:

  • Distension of the colon
  • Bowel blockages
  • A bowel obstruction

A full feeling

When constipated, have you experienced a bloated, distended stomach? Then in a few hours perhaps it gets worse, as your stomach starts feeling even tighter and starts to hurt.

This tight sensation makes you feel heavy and full. Sometimes you might skip a meal because you feel so full and by skipping a meal can cause a hunger headache and dehydration.

Intestinal blockages

This can cause severe stomach pain.  Constipation can cause intestinal blockages at any point in the colon.

These can block the intestinal track from passing waste material, fluids or gas along the digestion pathway, producing sharp stomach pains.

Gas build up

This can be caused by constipation. Yeast in the colon ferments the stool, and a byproduct of fermentation is gas.  When this gas can’t be expelled, it produces pressure and pain.

When stool sits in the colon for too long, it starts to decay. Gas from this decayed stool can smell pretty bad, and be embarrassing. Another plus for getting rid of constipation.


This is a burning or pain in the upper stomach caused during or after a meal.  When you have a full stomach and are constipated, the food cannot be properly digested.

This indigestion leads to stomach pain that many times is severe enough to resemble a heart attack.


Gas that is produced through the digestive process may not be able to get past stool located between it and the anus.

If the constipation problem is severe, an excessive amount can build up, resulting in bloating.


This is another symptom of constipation. It occurs when the stomach is full, and because the digestive system is backed up, this food has no where to go.

The gas that is produced is expelled through the mouth.  

Getting Rid of Constipation Forever

I used to suffer daily with some sort of stomach pain or discomfort, until I realized that constipation was behind it.

So, I developed a daily regimen to stave off constipation and its undesirable symptoms.

Magnesium, the silver bullet

A daily dose of valuable trace minerals.

Can constipation cause stomach pain? Yes.  Its just another good reason to do something to remedy that constipation problem.

By Alana Sibley

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