Constipation Gas
A Message From Your Gut

What’s that smell?  Its the smell of constipation gas, of course! Constipation can produce gas that really SMELLS. Let's get rid of it.

Ok, now that your face is bright red, let me go on to tell you all about this especially stinky concoction of constipation.

As if dealing with regular flatulence wasn't bad enough, gas caused by constipation will make even the gas culprit himself (it's usually guys whose poodies stink, right?) wish to pass out instead of breathing any more of this fowl scent. But why?

Pew! Why constipation gas is so smelly

When your colon is constipated and backed up with layer upon layer of compacted, old, dried up and rotting masses of decaying stool, the gas emitted from the body passes by these trash piles on its way to escape.

It brings along with it every ounce of rotten stool smell it encounters along the way!!!

Now isn't that just lovely?  Well, no, not really, but it is oh so true.

The exposing power of constipation gas

“Exposing power?  What in the living daylights are you talking about?” you might ask. Well, let me explain.

Have you ever noticed how people automatically suggest that the person go to the bathroom after that person releases an especially smelly flatulent stink bomb into the atmosphere?

If you’re too embarrassed to nod your head, just blink. I’ll know what you mean. The truth of the matter is, these people who tell you to go use the bathroom are completely right!

Well, that'e embarrassing!
How does that help me?

I’m so glad you’re still with me to ask!

You see, the smell of your own gas is an incredible guide to your current colon health. Typically speaking, the more putrid it smells, the more impacted feces is present.

This means your body has pointed out to you in its own deadly, smelly way that you need to get some water, fiber and magnesium rolling through that gut of yours, and quick! (Magnesium has other benefits, too!)

It may also indicate that yeast is in control of your colon, and you need to counteract with a good probiotic.

A clean colon means way less stink

Giving our colon what it needs to eliminate effectively will benefit us greatly in the long run, in more ways than just less stinky gas emissions. A clean and healthy colon will also give a much happier over all mood throughout day to day life.

Think of it this way. What would happen if we all decided to be lazy and never take our garbage out to the trash truck ever week? What if we said it was just too much hassle, or we voted that the trash truck shouldn't come by anymore due to the loud, annoying noise it produces?

Sounds pretty stupid. I mean, what smart human being would opt for that?  Well, we kind of already do.

You see, by ignoring our colons most basic needs to be able to transfer the waste out of our bodies and keep the passage way clean, we make the way for a ridiculous trash pile of pooh to stack up inside of us.

This ultimately sits and rots until we finally do what’s necessary to get rid of it.

The stinky truth has been spoken

Kind of funny when you look at it that way, aye?

But anyway, I’m not here to preach, only bring empowering information. After all, I have been one of the highest offenders of colon neglect. Still, I hope my words have shot through to your understanding in their own special way, and stick with you to use in future sticky pooh situations.

Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s been a pleasure sharing our knowledge with you.  Always remember, happy colon is a much happier you. Once again, thanks for reading.

By Stephanie

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